The Feminine Gift of Seeing Beauty

WARNING: this is my own opinion and are from thoughts swirrling around in my head. it may not be totally theogically accurate…but hear the heart

In American culture, there is a tendency to view masculinity with a distorted view. In culture, we believe that real men don’t cry, don’t read, don’t cook or clean, don’t sow, and don’t submit. Guys who enjoy “chick flicks” are considered ‘gay’ or not true men and anything in life that contributes to emotion is in someway prohibited among the “male standard” today.


Sadly, the “american church” has adopted many of these beliefs. Churches are full of men who believe it is hypocisy to their “male nature” to cry, to ‘fall in love with Jesus’, to feel the heart of God, or give birth to the promises of God.


What the Lord showed me today was that a gift that God gives women (one of the “it-comes-naturally” gifts) is the desire to see and admire beauty. It is a desire that He planted there. Yet it is not a strictly femine desire. There MUST be a balance in hearts…a balance between the masculine and feminine emotions and character traits. Jesus emobodied both ‘genders’. He was not some he-she…but He carried the soul of both. He was firm, authoritive, leading, conquering, providing (natural male characteristics) yet He was also caring, nuturing, compassionate, submissive to death, and able to just ‘be’ (natural feminine characteristics). Therefore to be like Jesus, we also must have a balance of the genders in our hearts and souls.


True men must deny the american mindset and focus on Jesus. Seeking the beauty of God is not a feminine thing to do…it a Christian thing to do. Many men in the Bible sought the Lord and had a balance of the genders in their souls. Men like David who fought and conquered yet constantly said “one thing have i asked of the Lord…to dwell in the house of the Lord forever (to ‘be’) and to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord…”. “My lips will praise you Lord, cause Your love is better than life.” The entire book of Song of Solomon (Songs), the man is seen “to love her” by embracing the beauty of her. He is described as great and powerful and conquering…AS WELL as one who can see and speak deeply of love. Proverbs 31 states that the husband will SAY and SEE “many women have done well…but you have surpassed them all”. Ezekiel saught the beauty of the Lord, and Joshua would not leave the tent when God showed up there to talk to them. Paul wanted the power of God, yet prays for others “that you would know the love of God, the height the depth the length and width of the love of Christ…that you would be filled WITH ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD.” Could it be that men can only have the fullness of God when men embrace the so-called feminine heart of love? Could this be the reason that John was the closest disciple of Jesus, cause he laid his head on the chest of Jesus? I know one thing…John would of been called gay nowadays.


Finally, we leave intercession, birthing, deep revelations, etc to women cause we feel that it is something left to women alone…something that happens to women alone. But maybe…maybe…it is a part of the feminine soul and not part of the female. I know men who function in these things and they are strong masculine people yet have a great balance of the male and female souls. I am not saying that all men need to become females and that there is only one gender. What i have to convey is that Jesus had the good from both genders and that’s why both genders followed Him.


not a metro-sexual, just in love with Jesus,

One comment on “The Feminine Gift of Seeing Beauty

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