May We Never Lose The Wonder Of Our Love



The Lord spoke to us tonight about becoming familar with Him. We want Him to be glorified and yet when He comes and reveals Himself to us, we are to familar to honor Him properly.


That’s what a lot of Song of Solomon is about. The woman hears her lover knocking at the door and she is too familar with love…she has lost the wonder of it…to get up and open up the door. When she finally does open up the door, she finds her lover gone and she searches everywhere and CANNOT FIND HIM.


He said that “you (us) have captured my (God) heart with just one glance from your eyes.” That’s what He wants. Sometimes we are as familiar with God as we are our friends. We stand right before them and look at other things or look down. He spoke to us to NEVER LOSE THE WONDER OF OUR LOVE and to keep looking at Him. Focus on Him.


While many women see their God as a Lover, many men see their God as a King…it takes both…the mystery, honor, and wonder of love.


looking at Him,


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