Getting Back To True White

i don’t get why i get revelations when i clean my car. i have a 2005 Ford Focus. i had a choice between a silver one and a white one and i felt i was supposed to take the white one. well ever since i’ve had it and everytime i clean it get these revelations, usually about my “focus”. lol…and you think you’re life is weird… 🙂


well once again today i cleaned my car. now you would think that i would clean my car every week or so (especially if i get a revelation everytime i do it) but it’s normally cleaned every 4-8 weeks. whenever i look at it, it still looks white with just a little dirt on it and i figure i can clean it when it gets really dirty. even today, i was thinking do i really need to clean it, it looks pretty clean still. then i started washing it. i was blown away. compared to the washed parts of the car…the rest of the car looked grey…really really dirty.


I have some friends right now wondering what is happening to their lives. they feel dirty, they don’t even feel saved, they have never been “this bad” before and yet they are serving God and still seeking Him. they ask we what they’re doing wrong. is it judgement? or a bad crop harvest? or just karma? i assure them it none of those things. you see the problem is we think we’re clean. we think we’re white and pure and blameless. but when God comes and applies pressure to our lives, scrubs us clean, and causes all His waves to wash over us in order to make us true white, we see how dirty we are. silly us that we would ever think that we’ve “arrived”.


another example of this is if you ever go to Ireland or somewhere with pastureland and snow. in summertime, you’ll see all these sheep on all the green hills and they look white, but when it snows, you realize that they’re not white but brown. david (in the Bible) had a time in his life where he thought he was fine. he even committed adultery and thought all was ok. then the word of the Lord came to him by the prophet Nathan and all the sudden it became winter in David’s life. he lost his firstborn son and the Lord was not happy with him. what did david pray? “Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” the cold and winter times of God had shown him how dirty he was compared to the true white of God. i really like THE MESSAGE version of that scripture. “Soak me in your laundry and I’ll come out clean, scrub me and I’ll have a snow-white life.”


let me encourage you if you feel so away from God and yet you have been loving Him and serving Him. it is not the judgement of God you are feeling. that is reserved for the enemies of God. what you are feeling and going through is the love of God…the love of God makes us clean…although His love can scrub us hard sometimes. allow Him to clean your heart. may we all cry out “come and bleach our souls God and make me true white like Your Son.”


my poor little car kept getting dirty even while i was cleaning it, and i had to go back several times to the same place and keep washing it. thank God that He is pacient and desires us to be clean.


deep calls to deep
and on me all Your waves break
and while you love scrubs me clean
bleach my heart and soul while i wait



One comment on “Getting Back To True White

  1. LiAnne says:

    How amazing can you get, Popeye! Okay… so he’s washing and loving… not judging and trying to ruin our lives… hmm…. note to self on that. lol. But I really did love this blog. I mean, to be able to think you’re all honky dory one moment and suddenly the Nathan in your life comes along (or, the MOM in MY life lol) and shows us our wrong. Thank you so much for being an Aaron and Ur in MY life. I love you so much!

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