The Truly Matchless God

so i’m crying at work right now. i had to stop what i’m doing and write this real quick. i’m listening to this song we’re doing this sunday morning in church. the bridge to it is this:


“wonderful, beautiful, glorious, matchless in every way…”

while it’s a great song, the song itself is not the reason i’m crying. it’s because i opened up my soul enough to think about it. you see, the first three words describe who God is. He’s wonderful, beautiful and glorious. but the last part (matchless in every way) describes what He is like. i started crying because i started thinking WHO and to WHATi could compare God to.


i started thinking “well, He’s a father…” and then i realized that although they (i’ve had two fathers) love me, i really couldn’t compare God to my father(s). “He’s a friend…” but then i realized, in reality and truth, what friend do i have that has done to and for me what He has done…what friend do i know has loved me and accepted me to the extent that He has. “He’s a king” but then i saw that kings through the ages have had anarcies, rebellions and hatred directed towards them (just look at president bush…a modern king of our time) but no anarcy can continue, all rebellions cease when He show his haters who He is. what king has been able to do that? stop disasters by just exuding who they are?


but the point that really broke me was when i thought i solved it. i said “well, i can compare God to….God”. but then i got a vision. i saw the throne room. i saw the 4 living creatures. i saw the 24 elders around the throne. i saw all the hosts of heaven the shouted out “HOLY!” (you see “holy” means completely seperated…matchless) then it was like they something new in God…something deeper…like He changed (He didn’t…their sight did)….like the God that they were JUST praising 5 seconds ago was totally different the God who now they saw…and what was their response? an even louder shout of “HOLY!!“…then……IT HAPPENS AGAIN….and AGAIN…for eternity! the voices begin to sound like white noise to the human ear because it is so loud, so passionate. it broke me cause i realized that God is so much different than who i think He is. the God i worship in my mind and heart and the God He reveals Himself to be are two totally different things…even when i think i know Him the best….and that’s how it will be for eternity!


how true is what the prophets in the Bible have said:
who is like You? who can compare to You?
God there is no one like You and there is no God but You!
the Lord is robed in glory, majestic in splendor…light exudes Him!


He is truly matchless. God cannot even be matched in our minds by Himself. He is matchless in EVERY WAY. so where does that leave me? so broken that compared to this matchless God that i see, i feel like Paul. “what can i do…just to know Him? just to know this matchless God? i count everything as loss…just to know (this matchless God…) Him.”


I am finding myself in a place where i LONG to know who He really is. that like ephesians 1:17-19 says…that God would grant me (that’s real grace) a spirit of wisdom and revelation into the knowledge of His Son…that the eyes of my heart would be enlightened… to know WHO GOD IS and WHAT HE IS LIKE.


matchless God, i pray release the spirit of wisdom and revelation upon Your church. let her see You as your are. seperate Yourself from all others in her mind and heart in the areas of wonder, glory and awesomeness. blow her away with the understanding of who You are. bring amazement back into her heart God…bring amazement back into her heart. in Jesus name…amen


2 comments on “The Truly Matchless God

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘To Know ABBA….’ once we get a taste of his goodness we can’t fill the void of knowing him in this short lifespan. His Love flows down through the ages from the foundations of the Universe, it sustains life with a spoken word from the throne room. As it gives eternal life to those who pursue it to death,it pursues us until mortality. This is why we cry out to know this being! I want more of you Jesus ! ~Reveal your heart to the cildren of this Generation. Turn us from our own way’ and understanding’sM.c.w.B

  2. theTAGseries: Part 4 (Questions) « Matthew Manchester says:

    […] like You among the gods?”…it’s not a trite question that deserves a trite answer. i wrote once about thinking “who can compare to You?”. i was arrogant at first, thinking i knew the answer…but when i took time to ask the question […]

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