Celebrate Jesus – Midweek Update

wow! that is all i’ve been able to say about this week. for all who don’t know, the churches in this city have been part of a outreach called “Celebrate Jesus”. many people have come from all over the state (and some even farther) to help us reach our city in one week, visiting and ministering to every house in DeLand…all 22,000 of them! it has been powerful to see what God is doing in the midst of us. i have been assigned to the prayer team here at church (where i’m writing this right now…lol) and the stirring to pray and the ANSWERS to prayer we have seen are blowing our mind and stirring faith in us.


i just wanted to give an update and a thought that i just had this morning. it comes from Ephesians 4:1-3. paul encourages us to walk in a manner worthy of the calling we were called to…by walking in love towards one another….EAGERLY striving to MANTAIN the unity IN THE BOND OF PEACE.


what i realized is that it is the bond of peace…not war that we maintain unity. i know i myself can get so violent and militant in the spirit longing to see unity, but paul instructs us to maintain the bond of unity by living in a spirit of peace with one another. Jesus says in Matthew 5…”blessed are the PEACEMAKERS…for they are the CHILDREN OF GOD.” we are seen and called the children of God as we remain in unity by MAKING peace with each other.


many of the people with us this week are from different denominations from Catholic to Methodist to Baptists (etc) and while there is a desire that they all be “militant just like us” (hmm….kinda prideful if you ask me)…we are learning that the church walks in power when unified. paul goes on to talk about the things that matter….”one lord, one faith, one baptism…” we should gather and be in unity under those things.


i encourage everyone who is apart of the city who reads this to come and be a part of unity tonight at 7pm at First Baptist in DeLand where we will gather together and encourage each other. remember (wherever you are), paul says EAGERLY (SEARCH OUT WAYS TO) maintain unity in the bride through peace. together we have seen mighty things and numerous salvations! to god be the glory!


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