Celebrate Jesus – Friday Update

so here we are! it’s the last outreach day of Celebrate Jesus and everyone is excited tonight because the city is having 11 block parties! it’s a unified effort to meet, help and reach people where they are at. we are expecting a lot of people tonight and i am looking forward to helping out tonight. as for now, they have asked me to help in the prayer tent (alright!) and we’ll see if i get to go anywhere else tonight. (hmm…rock wall looks like fun…lol)


i was reminded a important truth today from a friend. he told me that he keeps hearing “the Lord desires mercy, not sacrifice”. that’s a really important reminder for all of us here that have been working all week. many times i think that i’ve “paid my dues” just because i have served and gone “beyond normal service” and so i start letting myself “go”. i seep into bad attitudes, unprayerfulness, strife, laziness, apathy and rebellion. the biggest thing i do is that i don’t show anyone love, respect and care.


this is a BIGissue when it comes to something like what we’ve done in the city this week. we have labored and exhausted ourselves for the purpose of reaching this city and now, at the climax of the week, we are being tempted to nullify all ground we took this week. how? by not showing mercy to the lost and the bride. the Lord said in micah 6:8…


“what does the Lord require of you, son of man, but to do justly, to LOVE MERCY and to walk humbly before your God.”


all the Lord requires of us is those three things and when all those three are in play in our lives…it shows up in the form of love. when we meet the down-and-out or the homeless…we need to feed and clothe them (act justly), talk and love on them (loving mercy), and because we remember that only God is judge and we are NOT Him…we pray for the blessings and favor of God to rest upon their lives (walk humbly before your god…ie. remember who He is and who i am).


when those things are being done…God cannot help but smile. it is my prayer tonight at the block party to do whatever it takes to see God smile over our city! may we love the lost and each other just like Jesus did and does!


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