Celebrate Jesus – Summary

so the Celebrate Jesus week is over.

*collects thoughts* (lol)

wow, what a week. it was long yet passed by quick. we saw many people saved and healed. we saw new pockets of favor in our city. we also saw a “sticking”. instead of just evangelizing and reaching out and caring for people for a week, we are seeing a heart in people to follow up. i had the opportunity to check back up with Ken, a young man who i believe God will save. i want to take him out to eat and get to know him. he will not be a notch in a belt, he will be a jewel in the crown of God…someone who i will build friendship with.

the block party turned out great. we had 2200 (roughly) show up. that’s the down payment i asked god for. saturday morning all the churches had a time of testimony…it was really long. that’s a really good thing! to god be the glory for what He accomplished this week!

but it’s not over. now “Mission:Possible” begins. we will see the promise fulfilled! all the city will be saved. god will come to our city. even so lord come!


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