Pruning In Good Times

so i washed my car today. which if you read my post“Getting Back To True White” you’ll know that it is ALWAYS a spiritual experience. i seriously get a revelation every time i do it. well, before i washed my car this evening i decided to trim all the bushes in my side yard that were too big and were in the way of the hose. out of that God started talking to me.

He gave me john 15:1-2. it says:

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. (NIV)

right now in my life i feel like i’m finally starting to bear fruit. i’m actually living and growing in the love and knowledge of Christ. and THIS is the time that i am seeing God starting to prune me. it comes in embarrassment, rebukes, frustrations, jobs i don’t want to do, etc. you would think that once we start growing God would just let us grow as much as possible. but in reality, if He didn’t prune us then we would be a hindrance for the harvesters (both man and angelic) and other branches/bushes (ones desiring to grow in Christ).

yes, the pruning hurts and feels unfair, but remember, God desires us to be the best we can be…and He knows how to cultivate that in us more than we do.

therefore Father i pray, trim us down. if there is any pride in our lives, if there is anything hindering others from salvation, deliverance or growing in you…then trim it down. prune us. give us grace to be patient in our afflictions and to rejoice. we believe that You who were faithful to begin the work, the planting, will bring it to completion…until we are perfect in Christ on that day. thank you for loving us through discipline…like sons.

One comment on “Pruning In Good Times

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good rev. Matt, it’s usually when I slow down for a bit that God gives me revelation’s like this. Takes me to the dream that I had a few month’s ago, I shared in Sunday school how I was in this vineyard, and there was war going on ….a fight for the vineyard, and the fruit that grew there. Now in the front of this vineyard was a warehouse, or a storehouse mind you, and this is where the work was taking place where these pallet’s of Gold were being stacked, but before they were stacked they had to be purified, and the work was hard, the workers were few, but as the war went on , and the hard work continued the storehouse kept filling with the purified riches. Keep up the work, HOLD THE LINE! “Come all I will give yew Rest”. For He is the water that quinches the Fire,in that which purifies our spoken purpose.M.c.w.B

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