Master Builder: Week One

hey everyone,
i’m here right now at church “administrating” for the Master Builder production. everything is being set up right now, and as i type they are doing sound effect checks. lol (i keep wondering if it’s really storming outside or is it the cd) i plan on starting a videocast next week with behind the scenes clips and interviews from the leaders.

i did want to say this week (since i don’t have a video…lol) that the church in general needs to understand their place and Israel’s place in God’s ultimate plan for redemption. there has been so much deception and error in regards to israel. some of the stuff that is going around is termed what we call “replacement theology”…it’s the belief that Israel (due to killing Jesus) forfieted their place as god’s chosen people and now are just normal people who need to become Christians.

but that’s not how God works. the bible says he made with Israel an “everlasting covenant”. how long is everlasting?….it’s EVERLASTING! so there is a place for us the church AND there is a place for Israel. Israel’s calling cannot be summed up quickly so i will write more about that later. lol

wow…so i just got done helping the soloists with their songs. the songs and vocalists are amazing. everything sounds so good. we have to redo the tracks, so i’m looking forward to how everything will sound. 🙂

well, until next time…


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