theTAGseries: Part 1 (Choice & Grace)

I have been in a place now for a bit where God has been pushing me into meditation concerning Him and the knowledge of God. I have been struck with the reality that I don’t know God. I know what others have said about Him but I don’t know the deep things of God for myself. I have remained ignorant of who God really is, what He is like and what that means for me. That’s where He started calling me deeper. He has been calling me into a life of TAG: thinking about God. So this series is a practical how-to and help (no where near exhaustive) for people who desire how to start living a life thinking about God.

I was worshipping last Sunday morning and we were singing a song called “Father, You’re Glorious”. There is a line of the song that the Lord started talking to me about. It says:

“I will stand in awe of You…forever.”

God started speaking to me that standing in awe of Him, blown away at wonder of who He is and like, thinking about Him is a choice. It’s a choice on our end to wonder and think about God. I literally envisioned me stepping into awe, just like I would say “and I will stand in the rain (or puddle, or shower, etc)”, I came to a realization that awe and wonder (and thoughts about God) are just as full of substance as water or dirt (or whatever else you would stand in). Therefore it requires a choice on my end to stand in it.

But that leaves us in a “do it even if you don’t want to” kind of mentality, where thinking about God is like a chore instead of a delight. David in the Bible talked about meditating on God being His only desire and delight. Why? Because of grace. That’s the second thing the Lord showed me: although it is a choice to wonder and think about God, it is His grace and greatness that allows us to stand there forever amazed and captivated.

I was talking to a friend today who told me that they had to look up something in the Bible real quick, but then she found herself 3 hours later still digging into the Word of God. It was a three minute project that took three hours! Why? Cause she chose to study (even because she “had to” real quick) and God met her there and for three hours started to reveal Himself to her.

So that is where this series will start. Although it is a choice to think about God, God himself will make sure that you are not bored by choosing to think about Him. He will meet you and reveal Himself to you. We were made to wonder about God. In this age that we live in, everything is shallow and can be explained. We have tried to make God that way but He is above understanding but He calls us to spend our lives searching out who He is and better yet He helps us in our searching! He wants to be known. In a land of shallow thinking, God is an ocean of wonder. May our hearts be forever thrilled to search out what He is like. So to sum it up:

Standing in awe is a choice. It is a choice to wonder. It takes a choice on our part to ponder the greatness of God. Yet it is His greatness that allows us to be in wonder forever.


2 comments on “theTAGseries: Part 1 (Choice & Grace)

  1. Talitha LiAnne says:

    very nice beginning… felt like i was reading a John Piper book ha. i enjoyed its shortness tho. felt like i could actually soak it all in one sitting.I feel your “pain” of desire to know God… personally for me, it’s stepping out of what i’ve grown up believing and actually learning and experiencing and knowing what i believe. even if it’s the same thing have God tug on your heart to jump deeper, to desire Him in a deeper level than just duty alone… ha. can i stand in amazement, captivated at His glory?you really make me think.i like what you say about God being an ocean of wonder in midst of this shallow-thinking world. I do agree… everyone trying to put God’s characters in each seperate labeled box, like a waffle. when really, God is like spaghetti… you get lost in His greatness and glory… lol.tali

  2. eyesandwings says:

    so true! i think so much error has come into Christian thinking cause we assume we can separate God and put Him in a box. that also has helped fueled our lackluster desire for God. i mean how fun can it be to “stock shelves” when it comes to God. kinda boring. thankfully He calls us to something deeper!

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