theTAGseries: Part 4 (Questions)

when a bunch of friends and i get together and just hang out, sometimes we play a game called “questions only.” it is a game where the players have to keep a legit conversation going using only questions. many times, we are laughing too hard to continue the game. it’s loads of fun. (adding accents from famous celebrities makes it all the funner)

i have spent the last three parts of theTAGseries (the “thinking about God” series) talking about the need and necessity of building a life centered around the knowledge of God…who He is, what He is like and what we are to do with that knowledge. now in these next few parts, i am going to give some very practical things to do…in order.

the first thing i want to discuss are questions. questions? questions! (sorry…i was looking at how many times i could use the same word with different punctuation…lol) i believe one of the key problems why we do not get true revelation of who God is…is because of pride. now many people would say “duh”, but when asked to explain, they would just mention that we are somehow arrogant…and sinful…so it blocks us from God. basically, they would give a trite answer. and that’s exactly the problem! i know in the past in my life, i have been so arrogant in thinking about God…i always have the answer for every thought…or at least i think i do. but if God’s ways are so above ours and His thoughts far higher than ours…then why do i think i know the answer to anything that He has not told me. (ouch)

you see, there are many questions in the Bible, and when we read it…they still are questions! that’s how God left it. He didn’t give us another book called “the answer key to the Bible” (commonly called the book of mormon or the watchtower magazine). He left them unanswered…so that we would ask Him questions about questions. when the Bible says “who is like You among the gods?”…it’s not a trite question that deserves a trite answer. i wrote once about thinking “who can compare to You?”. i was arrogant at first, thinking i knew the answer…but when i took time to ask the question to God…He blew my mind away with His answer. (that would be part1: grace)

the questions in the Bible are meant to stir up questions and thoughts about God in our “new mind of Christ”. in fact, the final chapters of job and proverbs 30 are filled with questions just to ponder and ask God on. here are some examples:

“have you entered the storehouses of the snow or have you seen the storehouses of hail, which I have reserved for the time of trouble, for the day of battle and war?” job 38:22-23

imagine that! we are taught in science class that snow and hail “just happen” cause of certain elements and mixtures happening. but where does everything originally come from? according to God, He has storehouses…BARNS (!!) full of snow and hail! when it snows or hails too long or forecasters say that it’s a “weather phenomenon”…but really, God is holding open the doors to “the barn” longer than normal. ALSO, if you read revelation…massive hail will fall across the earth (rev ch8) and according to this verse in job…God already has it stored up for that day. (what!!! lol) we think (in our pride) we know (scientifically) how everything works….but just ponder on that verse.

“who has gathered the wind in his fists?” proverbs 30:4b

i haven’t. bono hasn’t. president bush hasn’t. steve jobs hasn’t. (blasphemy i know…lol) i can’t even SEE the wind, much less hold it. but here God is saying that not only can He see where it is to catch it, He also has the power to gather it (like wheat) and clinch it in His fists!

max lucado wrote a book called “God came near.” in the book, he writes 20 questions he would like to ask mary the mother of Jesus. here are JUST A FEW of them:

did you ever feel awkward teaching Him how He created the world?
what did He and his cousin john talk about as kids?
did the thought ever occur to you that the God to Whom you were praying was asleep under your own roof?
what was it like watching Him pray?
did He ever come home with a black eye?
what was He like at a funeral?
did you ever think, That’s God eating my soup?

it’s time we start thinking ABOUT God instead of answering FOR God things only He can answer. i challenge you to find a question in the Bible and stop and think about it. ask God about it. see what He thinks about the question He asked in the Bible. you could even think of things from non-question scriptures, like “in the beginning, God…” (gen 1:1) and just stop right there and think about where God came from if He was there in the very beginning. yes it makes your head hurt! that’s proof it’s working! (i think we have allowed ourselves to remain ignorant and stupid by not thinking of things like this) it’s impossible to understand the eternity of God, but you’ll start applying the brain He gave all of us to good use. ask Him what He thinks about where He came from.

there is more on this that i will cover in the next part of theTAGseries, but this should keep us all busy for now. feel free to leave comments if this has helped, if you have questions for me or if you have some feedback about the questions you have been asking God. it’s great to encourage others about the revelations (the simple answers to your questions) God is giving you!

let’s start playing “questions only” with God! 🙂


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