theTAGseries: Part 5 (Pause)

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so it’s been a couple weeks since the last post. that means we’ve had a couple weeks to start asking God questions about who He is and what He is like. (i encourage you that if you haven’t…there’s no time better to start than right now.)

so what have you heard? is anything you’re hearing making sense? is it profound to your spirit and mind or is it stuff you’ve “heard before”? the answer to those questions i just asked are the subject of this part of the series.

if you are like me, then this is what’s happening right now. you decided to ask God a question about Himself and either (1.) you didn’t hear anything, (2.) you keep thinking your “making up answers” or (3.) He spoke to you something that you “already knew”. so now you are like “so what do i do now?” so let’s talk about each of those issues:

1. you haven’t heard anything yet
the keyword to that reply is the word “yet”. like we talked about in part 3, questioning and thinking about God takes time…a lot more than it takes to just move on and give up. that’s why this part of the series is called “pause”. many times we ask God a question and don’t stick around LONG ENOUGH to hear the answer. notice i didn’t say “we don’t stick around”. we all know that we have to take some time to listen back for a reply from God, but how much time is enough? here is the answer to that question: when you get a reply back from God! lol  what if God wants you to stay in a “pause” for a whole year to get an answer from Him? you’re thinking “why in the world would He do that?” but there is something we don’t understand about God…

what we don’t understand is that we are called to know the unknowable. we are allowed to seek and search out things about God that have remained mysteries for ages. though He is completely foriegn to us, He invites us to live with Him and get to know Him better. now under that understanding…do i really think that finding an answer to a question i had about God is just a 10 second thing? isn’t spending long periods of time worth the infinite treasure that is offered to us if we keep on seeking for it? so i encourage you, if you haven’t heard from God yet…keep asking, seeking and knocking. (there’s a promise from Jesus Himself that if we do that we will have the answer, we will find and the door [to revelation] will be opened)

2. my mind is “making up answers”
i would venture to say that most of that in your head is probaly God speaking to you. now when it comes to our theology of God, we never want God some opinion of our mind. wrong thinking about God has hurt the church for centuries. so i would challenge you to read scripture and look for confirmation of what you’re hearing. if your question was “how do You feel about arabs?” and you heard in your mind “I hate them” then that was your mind and not God cause He declares that He loves the world, shows no partiality and desires all to be saved. i challenge you to look up keywords through concordances or online bible tools. that way you can see if the few words or phrases are acually literally in the Bible. if they are not, then start reading and look for the “spirit of the Word”. (meaning the thought structure) i really encourage you to ask God to show you where “what you heard in your head” is in the Bible. you’ll be surpised how quick you might find it!

3. the answer was something you “already knew”
this is the one i find myself in many times. the real problem exists that we are dull to the fantastic truths of God. when God says something (so-called) simple like (for example) “I love you”…we just throw that out cause we think we understand what that means. but according to ephesians 3, the love that God shows us is BEYOND COMPREHENSION! so it becomes a battle to lose the dullness in our lives to the “simple” truths of God.

there are ways to help you out in that battle. if you hear an answer like “I love you”, ask God to show you HOW He loves you. ask Him to talk to you about how He feels about loving you. think about God’s love in it’s entirety (from pre-creation to present/future). make sure you get a FULL answer. many times we concieve a revelation from God but don’t give it the time to birth a change and wonder in our spirits. we have too many pre-mature births in the church when it comes to the knowledge of God. i encourage you to take some time and think about the answer He gave you and it’s implications. start asking Him questions about the answer He gave you. settle for nothing less than the fullness of the answer. He longs to tell us the whole thing, He just wants to see how long we will stay to get it.

are there any issues that you are facing when it comes to thinking about God that i didn’t get to talk about? if not, did the post make sense and help? what did God say when you went back and questioned Him again?

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