A Word Of Wisdom…On Knowledge

so i haven’t gotten a chance to post this week due to being sick but i wanted to post a thought i had yesterday. it really fits into theTAGseries that i’ve been posting about.

due to being sick (and my own sinful flesh filled nature), my personal time with God has been almost non-existent this week. i really have slacked on my devotional time and what’s worse is i’ve been developing this attitude this week of “i don’t care”…you know…totally pushing off any conviction that God many place on my heart.

so yesterday, i was listening to “o for a thousand tongues to sing” on the new david crowder band album (don’t ask me why i have it early…lol) and the third verse really resounded in my spirit…

Jesus, the name that charms all fears
that bids our sorrows cease
tis music in the sinner’s ear
tis life and health and peace

when i heard the third line of the verse, i felt God speak to me about my pursuit of knowing who God is and what He is like. He said “when it comes to the theology of Me that you are building, is it something that will make you run to me in times of backsliding or is it something that will make you keep pushing me away? is what you think of Me a sweet melody that will draw you back to Me?” i realized that when Jesus spoke and talked about Himself, the Father and the kingdom… prostitutes and thieves wanted to run to Jesus and accept Him and be part of that kingdom He was talking about. but yet when it comes to “all i know of God”, i’m not drawn to leave my sin and complacency for Him…so maybe i’m not seeing Jesus that way i need to.

that’s really something to think about…


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