Journey: 72 Hour Retreat (Post 1)

so it is almost one in the morning and we just got done with the first “master builder” production and we JUST finished the first worship set. it was awesome! we sung a lot about who we are and who God is. the place definitely exploded when we sung misty edwards “always on my mind” song.

the production tonight was amazing! i snuck into the audience during the middle of it and it literally put me into tears. it was the part where Jesus is being beaten during the song that is taken completely from isaiah 53. it was so beautiful…and terrible…cause it ruined you to see the extent that He was in love with us. it was really moving!

this year’s tent theme is “journey” and for the next year God will be showing us and talking to us about what journey is. but i also believe He is going to majorly download to us during this 72 hours…so i am going to go and seek/soak in Him. i’ll type some more about the tent and what’s going on tommorow afternoon or so.

like we sung tonight..”He is faithful to complete that which He started.”

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