Quote Of The Week

regarding intercession:

“many blamed the young converts for backsliding, but we blamed ourselves, because we were not in a position to pray them through to victory. oh, the tragedy, to be helpless in front of the enemy when he was sifting young converts like wheat!” – rees howell


2 comments on “Quote Of The Week

  1. eyesandwings says:

    this remark from rees howell has really shaken me up concerning intercession and revival. it stirs in me that there is more than just “a person’s choice” when it comes to falling away from God. can it be true that multitudes can be kept in God due to someone praying intensly for them? wow.

  2. Mark Cahill says:

    I’ve recently been gripped by this reality. The Lord has on more than one occasion (almost daily, now that I think about it) stirred me up to intercession on behalf of a young Christian. I now understand that we bear the weight of those who succeed us as those who proceeded us bore ours. This is the way Christ intended the Church to operate.

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