10 Reasons Pastor Nate (And Other People) Should Get A Blog

Every once in a while I do something fun with a serious point to make. I’m not sure if anyone actually gets the serious part of it, but oh well. This post is dedicated to all the people I’ve been telling to get a blog. I decided to give some reasons but I needed someone to focus it around. I could think of no one better than Pastor Nate, the youth pastor at First Assembly DeLand. So Pastor Nate, here are my 10 reasons you should get a blog:

  1. Because nathanbuker.wordpress.com is a free and unused blog.
  2. If you write more for public viewing (personal sermon notes/journal entries don’t count), it will improve your spelling.
  3. You can post all your fantasy football info somewhere where everyone can see it.
  4. It would be a good way to keep youth up to date during summertime when many have to spend a long amount of time away from the youth group
  5. It’s a more proficient way to journal.
  6. You could post live updates from your vacation or event/conference (with pictures!) straight from your iPhone.
  7. You are really funny when you’re random. Think how random you could be with a blog. I’m waiting for you to write a blog on “The History of African Gummy Worms”.
  8. How cool would it be for a youth pastor to have his own website? Technically, you could buy nathanbuker.com and forward the address to your blog. Also, being a computer technician, isn’t it a requirement to have a website?
  9. It’s a good way to teach youth leaders things. No longer will you have to say the same things to new youth leaders coming in, but you can send them to a certain blog category (like some of mine are songwriting, quotes, etc) that are full of archived things they would need to know. Then you could spend your time teaching everyone new principles on leadership. Also, some of us need to hear/read some of the things you say more than once. It would be good to be able to review the lessons you teach whenever we want.
  10. God has a blog. It’s called the Bible.

Hopefully you will consider it. And everyone else, start a blog. Just write your heart. You will be surprised how many people connect with it. You’ll end up encouraging and helping people just by writing a little bit of your life.

8 comments on “10 Reasons Pastor Nate (And Other People) Should Get A Blog

  1. Mark and Heidi Cahill says:

    If I only had a blog…I think we’re moving into an era where it will be essential to have a blog, and to put that address on your resume. Blogging not only allows you to put intelligent thought into the Great Conversation now playing out on the internet, but it improv…

  2. Matthew B. says:

    # 10 is the best! I like that reason the most! Only if I could write a fraction of what God has published. He’s the editor in Chief.P.S P.N I would really anticipate to read your account of the elusive gummy wrapped pbj. L-A-T-E AH!

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