Great Music/Worship Article

i found this last night and thought it would be good to share with everyone. josh hawkins makes some really good points and has some incredible insight. (he is also part of one of my favorite bands and is a great endtimes teacher…lol). here’s an excerpt from the blog:

Music that makes men “feel good” in their self-righteousness apart from the Lord and His righteousness is just the beginning of the deception that will eventually lead to men openly worshipping Satan and blaspheming God in the darkest hour of human history. I believe Al Gore’s “Save Our Selves” music concerts that took place in the summer were just firstfruits of the humanism movement that is gaining strength and building in intensity all over the globe. It’s no oddity at all that music was one of the driving forces of the humanistic campaign to help save the environment.

what did you think about this comment? feel free to comment. (also comment on his site and encourage him)  🙂

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