Serving God & Two Steps Away

I started off my day a little different today. Normally I go to work in the morning but this morning I got to help play for our church’s sectional pastor’s meeting. It was great! I had a blast playing. But in the middle of it, I heard what my co-workers would say later on that day:

“Why are you always at church? Why do you take off to do church stuff? We need you here.”

You see, I don’t get paid for playing, even on a non-church day. I technically don’t have to agree to help. Our new worship leader plays keyboard. He just asks me to play with him cause it makes him feel a little more comfortable and it frees him up to worship a little bit more. So why do I serve so much at church? Why do I pour my life SO MUCH into something when I seem to get nothing out of it?

I realized one of the big reasons (the main one is “cause I love Jesus”) that I do all I can to serve my church and leadership is that I am two steps away from being homeless or in serious trouble in my life. Why you ask? It would seem when people look at me, they think that I have my life mostly in order. The truth of the matter though is that if my parents were dead and if I didn’t have the job I have now, I would be on the street or down and out in my life. Could I push past those things and remain successful? Yes, but there is a significant chance for failure in life due to those two things being removed in my life.

So why does this make me serve my heart out in church? Because God promises that if I take care of His ministry, He will take care of my life. He promises that I’ll never be begging for bread. He promises that He will supply my needs. He promises that He will not be a debtor to man. These promises are conditional on me “seeking first the kingdom of God”. Also, when you are into the end times and you really believe that you’ll go through it all yourself, having those promises is a really good thing.

I have realized that my trust can’t be in my job or my family or anything else. My trust has to be in the Lord. I have met too many people that stuff happened in their lives and it ruined everything. If I really want to be wise and invest in my future then I’m going to sow in to the Kingdom with everything I got because there is a promise of return there!

3 comments on “Serving God & Two Steps Away

  1. Daniel says:

    Matthew great way to put things into perspective. Thanks for the reminder why we serve. God Bless you and you

  2. eyesandwings says:

    thanks for your encouragement daniel!

  3. […] deserves. Another reason is because we realize who we truly are without Him and His grace (“Serving God & Two Steps Away“). But another reason we serve is to build trust…with both man and […]

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