Relevant Programs Or Ancient Paths?

so i was reading a blog yesterday and i stumbled onto this article.

the article was talking about the recent survey that willow creek community church did to see how many people were being discipled. the results floored them. (read the article for yourself)

i’ve believed secretly that as great as relevance is and as great as it is (supposedly) “needed”…it is not the end-all. in fact, i am seeing it become more of a hindrance to discipleship than a help. more churches are doing what they can to become “seeker-friendly”…but what they are finding is that less true conversions are happening.

in reality, discipleship and teaching how to live the christian life is offensive. love, mercy, grace and compassion can help it become less of an offense, but Jesus constantly said and did things that offended those trying to follow Him. He would say afterwards “blessed are you if you are not offended because of Me” and other phrases (“will you to leave me?”) that showed that it wasn’t an accident that people got offended.

the sermon on the mount lifestyle isn’t user-friendly…but it is God’s “discipleship 101″…i am praying, that in my life, i wouldn’t water discipleship down and make it a sweet lullaby…discipleship is a fight to the death…the death of me.

 what do you think about the article and these comments? how do you feel about “seeker-sensitive” churches? do we have a “too-easy” view of christianity and discipleship?

2 comments on “Relevant Programs Or Ancient Paths?

  1. fromtheashtree says:

    They needed a qualitative study to tell them that??hmm…seems like we don’t ask God for answers anymore…that’s a very scary shame for us as individuals (and for the church).If the organization of the church is centered around good ideas, and not the infallible Word of God, it is bound to “mess up”. Thanks to Willow Creek, hopefully churches headed that direction will wake up and smell the Word – & yes, repent of being so prideful to think that a man-made idea would super-cede God’s ideas of discipleship for His easily we stray away

  2. eyesandwings says:

    yeah…but remember…God’s greatest gift to our generation is suffering. LOL

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