The “Amazing Grace” Movie


so i am a mess right now. i just watched for the second time the movie “amazing grace” that just came out on dvd yesterday. we watched it at my church (which is where i’m writing at…lol…choir practice). i had seen it in theaters way earlier in the year (it took forever to come out on dvd) but i forgot so much of it. lines that hold so much truth and events that parallel the great battle for an injustice in our land and time…the issue of abortion.

i encourage everyone to see it. it is well done. it is the second best produced christian movie ever made…second only to “the passion” (mel gibson has an eye). so go watch it…$5 at blockbuster…or rent it on netflix. i don’t care how you watch it…just do…and be moved by it.

what did you think of the movie? what parallels can you draw between the slavery issue and the abortion issue? did you know slavery was still an issue? was this a balanced look at christianity’s place in politics and politics’ place in christianity? what did this movie do to stir you to “social justice”?


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