(LINK) Viewing God Like He Is

great article written today by my new friend tim:

…the God they serve shapes the kind of people they are. Looking at history from what I’ve studied I find that to be very true. Take the Greeks for instance, their “gods” were like them. They had like passions and were deceitful and the husbands were unfaithful to their wives and all sorts of things. The Romans had the same religious system that the Greeks had. Both of those societies drowned themselves in drunken orgies and found themselves dead in no time.


take a look at the entire post cause he talks about the way WE should view/see God. i agree with Him. it’s a very balanced view. i’m also in the midst (prolonged midst…lol) of reading “knowledge of the holy” by a.w. tozer…so i love anything that comes as thought from that book.

be sure to leave a comment for him and show some love!


2 comments on “(LINK) Viewing God Like He Is

  1. timbrownlee says:

    wow… i didn’t know it was THAT good… guess i don’t give myself enough credit… 😛

  2. eyesandwings says:

    yeah…you and me both. lol

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