Quote Of The Week

many christians love the “r” words. they talk a lot about “revival”, “redemption” and “renewal”…but no one talks about “repentance”.
– charlie cleverly

what are your thoughts about this quote? do we tend to ignore the issue of repentance?


7 comments on “Quote Of The Week

  1. cbgrace says:

    This is true. I get so sick of the word “revival”…how can something be revived if it was never truly alive? What if we simple pray that God would breath into us? His breath is what gave Adam live…that’s what we need His breath.

  2. Matthew says:

    i totally agree. i’m about to write a post on what will save the church and the world is not a seeker-friendly church, or a purpose driven church…but God. God is the only salvation for the church and world. but God will only save that which cries out to Him…in repentance.thanks for your comment!

  3. cbgrace says:

    Hey, I was inspired this quote and wrote a blog of my own..see “glory days”…I posted it a few days ago.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Yep…repentance is rarely spoken of, which is absurd seeing as it is the entire basis for Christianity. No repentance, no Christ. It’s that simple.

  5. Matthew says:

    so true. it is that simple. so why so we have such a problem with it?

  6. Chelsea says:

    People don’t like to feel uncomfortable. They want a God that will make them richer, that will make their life better without any sacrifice on their part. Repentance takes change…it is change. And, Christ is worth it. I wasn’t worth the sacrifice He made, but He did it anyway…the least I can do is repent and follow Him.

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