Lazy Holidays & Possible Overreactions

i have a statement to make. i am lazy when it comes to many things. i love procrastination and all it doesn’t do for me. (hey, at least i’m honest…lol) i’m slack in a lot of areas in my life…even in the blogging realm and occasionally my laziness overflows into my english/american language…especially at this time of year. “how” you ask? by two simple words…

happy holidays

yes, i said it. this is a unashamedly christian blog and i said “happy holidays”.

(before i go on and before you write mean things about me…please read this post if you haven’t…lol)

first the context. there is and has been a great fight going on concerning christmas and political correctness. many people have declared that there is a “war on christmas”. they have said that there are organizations that have tried to take the Christ out of christmas. they also have said that these same organizations have tried to ban nativity scenes and other judeo-christian icons that we recognize in this nation. and you know what?…..THEY WERE RIGHT.

i am not here to proclaim these “heralds” of the “war on christmas” as crazy. i have seen it with my own eyes…our nation not wanting to offend anyone and removing all religion from the holidays. places like walmart jumping on board with it. i am sure it all started with the same kind of people who wanted to take “in God we trust” out of our currency and “one nation under God” out of our pledge. it is the same movement that has taken prayer out of schools and has overblown the separation of church and state to be something unconstitutional….

now…in light of that context….

i am lazy.

i see thanksgiving, christmas, hanukkah, canadian boxing day & new years day as a season of holidays. they are so close together and i don’t like to think. so every once in a while during this time i will say “happy holidays” cause i many times forget where we are on the “seasonal calendar” and what a better way to tell everyone in a group “happy fill-in-a-blank” than to say a blanket statement like “happy holidays”.

i consider the phrase “happy holidays” to be a generic holiday phrase just like “get well soon” is a generic phrase. i agree that there are some people that desire all religious references to be taken out of this time of the year. i feel like i spend half of my time debating this to non-christians and the other half debating it to christians who believe it’s all pagan tradition (trust me…Jesus doesn’t mind the free publicity). but when it comes down to it…i am not one of those people. i’m just lazy and i’m sorry that if by saying “happy holidays” every once in a while it offends someone…that’s not my goal.

BUT at the same time…i want to state that i think the “war on christmas” IS being a little overstated. there are many people, like me, who say happy holidays innocently and with true meaning…not as a way to “x” God out of christmas again. i believe that most people just don’t care. most people don’t mind Jesus being in christmas, they don’t mind that God is in our money and anthem. they don’t mind that our leaders (and in court…the witnesses) swear by the Bible. they don’t care that prayer is a response of our nation to attack. they just don’t care.

i do care, but please don’t overact and go slandering them cause they don’t want to destroy all the “Jesus-hatin” people. most people just want peace and love (and before you write me off as a hippie…which i am not)…isn’t that what christmas is all about? peace and love?

so i wish everyone a merry christmas, a happy new year….and a happy holidays. 🙂

what do you think about the “war on christmas”? do you agree with my thoughts and statements? why or why not?

One comment on “Lazy Holidays & Possible Overreactions

  1. Chelsea says:

    X is a Latin symbol for Christ…so, X-Mas is Christmas…Holidays originated from Holy Days…so…same thing…I think the people who get all uptight about it are people who have to use Christmas as a crutch to feel spiritual.But, that’s just my two cents…

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