The “Ask” Campaign

this is the marketing presentation i made for our church’s annual “week of prayer and fasting”.



when it comes to the week of prayer and fasting, we have two different kinds of people in our church. first, we have those people who have been at the church for a long time. they have done many fast weeks before and it has become a sort of “ritual” our church does during the first few weeks of the year. they understand that they will go through this week hungry, tired and exhausted due to the many services.

the second kind of person we have is the newbie. this person may have just joined or has been here for a year or so, but they have never heard of or experienced a fast week. although we may announce it from the platform (will talk about this problem in a sec) before the week arrives…they have no idea what it’s about. it goes in one ear and out the other.

both of these kind of people bring the same result….un-involvement. the people who know about the week of p&f (prayer and fasting) have no idea when it is. they listen for pastor’s message about fasting, cause they know that always is preached the week BEFORE fast week. the people who are new find themselves say the wednesday or sunday following p&f “there was special services? what’s fasting?”. even with the people who do participate in fast week…how many actually get something out of it? who actually know what to do during that time?

that’s where this campaign comes in. we want to inform the new person of a special time coming up as well as teach them what it is about. they have no pre-conceived ideas about it…so what a opportunity to sow good seed into their future by showing them what seeking God and fasting should be like. we also want to refocus and reteach what the week of p&f is to those who have done it year after year. we want them to be able to answer “why are you fasting?” “what is happening in your life this week?”



week one: december 30, 2007

for this week, i propose that we HAND out NO bulletins. outside of fast week and the new years eve party, there is no relevant info that needs to be known. people can find the bulletins on the tables in the foyer/hallway as well as on the usher chairs in the back of the sanctuary (if this is really a problem we can have another set of greeters giving bulletins to people as they enter the SANCTUARY). instead of the bulletins, the greeters hand every person one of these cards:


automatically, this does several things. it creates interest in all parties. they wonder what this is. they see the dates and see the scripture on the back, but they are a little puzzled about what it is. attention is placed on this card even more SINCE there in no bulletin. instead of an insert that can be ignored, they are thrown a little bit out of the complacent zone (new term i made lol) and it wakes them up to the realization that “something new” is happening at our church. that morning, the offering speaker mentions “the week of prayer and fasting” (we NEED to use a different more neutral term!…like “the week of asking”…or “seek week” or something…ANY IDEAS???) using the card and quickly talks about how the church will be setting aside this week to ask God everything and anything. (they will get more of the point next week. the main point this week is to get it in their heads)

week 2: january 6

this sunday goes a lot like the last sunday. bulletins are replaced with a NEW card:


the point of this week is to….with all ways possible…make it clear that the week of p&f is about ASKING GOD and talking to Him. “ask” is the theme (yes, we are now having themes…like the tent) of this year’s p&f (also part of the proposal). we want people to understand that this week isn’t about going without food or coming to church every night…it is about spending a week with God and asking Him what is on His heart, what is His will for your life, for wisdom, for safety and health for family and friends, for provision. THAT is what we want to focus on corporately.

this new card is a great way to start conversation…whether during offering, sermon, worship (hopefully we can do some “asking God for…” songs this and the following week) or just fellowship in the hallway after service. the back has multiple scriptures from the new testament (ESV) that concern asking. the word “ask” is also emphasized on the card to help the word “ask” pop out at people. the card starts with the same scripture as last week’s card…and ends with “you don’t have cause you don’t ask.” this helps cements the thought that “all you have to do is ask…He’s wanting to answer”.

this sunday, i suggest also buying upright banners (2’x8′) that say “ask me” on it with the same look as the cards. if this is something that sounds good, i’ll make the samples. [we want to do all we can to flood the church with “ask”…that everytime they turn around there is something there concerning this “event”]

week 2: january 9 (wednesday)

the week2 cards are placed on all the seats in the sanctuary as ANOTHER reminder that “the week” is only a few days away.

event week: january 13 (sunday morning)

we place all banners (if we decide to make them) in the sanctuary as a visual reminder that week what we are there for. it also brings the campaign to a climax.



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