Piracy: A Consequence Of Not Caring

i was at the movie theater the other day and i noticed that the movie theater had a big campaign going on against movie piracy. it was in posters, trailers and other advertisements that were posted everywhere. now i fully believe that piracy of any kind IS stealing (and i state that STRONGLY) but i started to think and ponder about piracy for a minute and that’s when i came to this conclusion:

even though piracy/stealing is wrong and should never be done, people are naturally evil. it could be utopia on earth and people would still choose to be evil over being good (this fact is proven by the 1000 year reign of Christ…people will still reject God even though the world is under perfect rulership). yet there are things that cause some people to change their standards and morals to more of an evil nature. (ex…we will see more and more gas stealers as the price of gas goes up…especially in a quick dramatic way). so what would fuel more people to steal movies?

my answer is a lack of caring.

how many excellent “must-buy” movies were released last year? out of all the trilogies that came out, i personally only cared for 3 of them (out of 5) and would buy only 1 of them. only 2 i would rent. but what about ALL the other movies that were made last year? i believe the movie industry has stopped caring. we are STILL in a season of stupid remakes. no one seems to have any originality and movie companies are more than happy to fund the vomit of apathetic ideas (strong language i know…lol). all they care is about money, which is ok…but can’t they ALSO care about making a good movie? how is it so easy to make a terrible movie?

i think even if movie companies required the movie to be good (story and all) before they funded it…people would still steal them…but i think a lot less people would. a lot of people are like me…we don’t want to waste our money on a movie that sucks. we have lost our confidence in the movie industry. we don’t believe anymore that they are trying to give us the best possible experience…something truly worth our hard-earned money.

i’m calling for the movie industry to do something, set up some standards or regulations, to gain back our trust. their reward would be more money…cause people wouldn’t have to “preview” (aka steal) the movie before deciding whether to spend their money on it.

it’s all about trust.

what do you think about greed, evil and piracy and their effects on each other? ARE the movie companies partially to blame for the piracy epidemic? what could they do to gain back the trust of movie-goers?


3 comments on “Piracy: A Consequence Of Not Caring

  1. jbleigh says:

    I do not agree with your stance that “people are naturally evil.” You may mean something else, but evil is not the right word.

  2. Mark says:

    *jbleigh: People ARE naturally evil. We are born with the stain of sin, and cannot self-help our way out of it. Christ is the only answer.*Matt: Maybe the movie companies could provide an online service where you could watch the first half an hour of the movie low-res in order to preview it for free. Then they could offer a high-res download or DVD at cost. I definitely think that the industry as a whole needs to be rethought in the digital era.

  3. Matthew says:

    mark,i like the idea about previewing it lowres…but then we would lose the mystery of the movie. but i do agree that the industry needs to be rethought…cause it ain’t working.and looking at this article, it doesn’t look like the movie companies are going to win over piracy.

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