Random Moments With Friends

i’ve been reflecting on how blessed i am to have great friends. i’ve been thinking about all the memories, random things and good times i’ve had with them. here are a few that i’ve been thinking about:

  • friday night at wonderworks and then finding out that all the gay people work at fridays after midnight
  • hanging at barnes and noble for several hours at a time…then doing it again the next day
  • watching a good zombie movie
  • going to a starbucks even though it is WAY out of the way
  • eating at steak and shake at 3am once a month and still having an hour drive to get home
  • going to jared to help pick out a ring (my diamond sense is…awesome?)
  • taking random mall trips to help friends christmas shop for their spouse
  • skipping sunday school to enjoy a milky-way hot chocolate at dunkin donuts
  • watching skiing on a hgtv on a new ikea couch
  • getting army-styled haircuts in a friend’s bathroom
  • finding out that a “house of blues techno concert” really means “cracked out rave where you’ll be asked for ecstasy”
  • watching friends walk backwards through a mall…and then fall down a flight of steps
  • being pulled over in port orange at 4am
  • having roman-candle firework fights in the middle of the woods during a drought season
  • finding out that cotton candy is easier to get on your body that it is to get on the cone
  • reading the Bible in different accents that make it extremely humorous (it even makes numbers a really fun book to read)
  • finding out that pms also stands for postal mail service

what weird yet fun memories do you have? do you feel blessed when you think of your friendships?


5 comments on “Random Moments With Friends

  1. Mark says:

    Good memories begin with good friends!

  2. Matthew says:

    i really need to update this post. loli have so many more fun memories now.

  3. Nicole says:

    Love the P.O Cops!

  4. Blades says:

    “I don’t need any more projects”.

  5. christina says:

    hahahahaha memories!!time to make more! =)

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