Spiritual Discernment & The Key To Discerning Correctly

during these past few weeks our 20’s class at church has been talking a lot about spiritual discernment. we’ve talked about situations and people who have lacked discernment in certain issues.

i know several people like this. what’s interesting is that (for most of them) they are not backslidden or apathetic. on the contrary, they are trying their best to radically pursue God in every area in their life. so how can someone seeking to be close to God be so wrong in many of the choices they make? how is it possible that they can be so undiscerning? what can correct this (or is it even correctable)?

my church just did our annual “week of prayer and fasting”, but this time we decided to take a different approach to it…we called it “ask.”. the focus was to ask God for anything and everything. the two main scriptures we used were matthew 7:7 (ask, and you will receive) and james 4:2 (you do not have cause you do not ask).

i stated during this week that i think almost all of our issues and problems with poor discernment could be solved if we simply asked God about everything. james 1 :5 says that if anyone lack wisdom, let them ask God who gives liberally and without reproach. the problem is that we rely on ourselves for the right answer (and see where it gets us?) instead of asking the One who knows everything and is happy to tell us what to do.

discernment isn’t just about what is good and bad. discernment is about timing. i know many friends who have committed to a “good” thing at the wrong time. they end up worn out, depressed, frustrated, financially lacking and many other negative things. all because they did something at the wrong time. God’s call to christianity is not to do everything you can that is “good”, but to follow Him in everything He tells you to do. you don’t need to go looking for more, just ask Him…He’ll keep you busy and challenged enough.

can all poor discernment issues be corrected by simply asking God what to do? what areas could improve in your life if you simply asked God what to do? what stories do you have about “good thing-wrong timing”?


2 comments on “Spiritual Discernment & The Key To Discerning Correctly

  1. Gayle says:

    Something to think about. In my life I have noticed I didn’t feel just quite right about something and I ignored that feeling rationalizing it with my intellect. Later it is shown that I did not listen to that quiet voice within and wished I had. Perhaps discernment whispers. But yes, pray about it!

  2. Matthew says:

    so true! many times God is trying to tell us something but we aren’t listening, cause He doesn’t speak in a loud voice but in a whisper. asking God normally quiets you enough to hear that whisper that came as an “answer before you asked”:-)thanks for commenting!

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