A Christian’s Thoughts On The Eve Of Election Day

I just finished watching the State of the Union address tonight. Tonight is the eve before election day here in Florida. I get the “privilege” (???) of seeing all the mass bickering and complaining that most of the candidates are doing right now, just hours before the polls open. It has been nice to take the night off from any other labor and just meditate on the kingdom of God. So i just wanted to share a thought or two from my meditation. I have strongly realized one thing in these last few weeks:

I am a Christian.

That doesn’t sound too revelatory, does it? But I’m realizing is what “I’m a Christian” means. It means that I say “yes” to God’s heart and His desires. Sadly I have come to the understanding that the vast majority of our candidates this yearare not Christians…

…they are deists.

Deist/Deism defined is:

The belief in the existence of God, by or through reason; the belief in a God or gods who set the universe in motion, then ceased to interact with it.

There has been great debate this election year about the role of religion in politics. The vast amount of polls show that the majority of Americans (and candidates) believe that (personal) faith should not play a deciding role in politics and should not govern the mind of an elected official.

But if you really believe in what you believe, then there is no way that is possible. The ones who are able to separate their political/economic life from their spiritual one is not true and rooted in what he/she believes. What you believe affects everything you do.

I’m finding out that we don’t believe that God is really in control and is actively moving on the earth today. We have this deist belief that it’s up to us to decide what’s right. But God is still in control of the earth and He appoints every leader and His will cannot be thwarted. God is looking for a people who will say “yes” to what He wants. I promise what is number one on His heart isnot the economy, the defense of terrorism, our health care system or global warming. His primary heart is for the nations (including ours) to say “yes” to Him and He cares about the shedding of innocent blood (by abortion & murder, whether to the unborn or to the old).

I challenge every Christian, as the voting time approaches, to vote (many people died to secure us that right) but to vote solely based on God’s heart. Who does God want in office? Who does God want us to align with? His heart should be your only concern. If anything else besides God’s heart/voice influences your vote, you are saying that God is not the all determining matter in your personal world. Don’t sell your “birthright” for a bowl of economic “soup”.

Don’t be a deist. Let’s align with God and His will. 🙂

And for all of you who thought I was judgmental or intolerant, read this.


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