Saying “Yes” At The Call Florida

UPDATE: go here to watch it live (saturday 10:30am-11pm)

a lot of people have come to my blog looking for information regarding the call florida. so i wanted to post a few thoughts about it.

first, here are the details:

the call florida starts at 10am and ends at 10pm (yes..12 hours!). it will be held at silver spurs arena in kissimmee, florida (click here for map) on saturday feb 2, 2008. we are expecting somewhere between 10,000 to 20,000 people. weather is supposed to be in the mid 70s…so dress comfortable. 🙂

there has been some talk about what is going to happen and what the focus will be at the call. i know we’ll be praying for the ending of abortion as well as revival to start through florida (also a passing of the mantle of derek prince). but i will add one more thing…

i believe the call will be all about love. in may 07, they came down for a rally. after MUCH prayer and no breakthrough, they were wondering what was wrong in florida. then the worship leader john mark mcmillian led us in a song that declared “Your love is stronger”. all of a sudden, things started breaking. people were set free, others were healed. you could feel in the spirit that God was destroying evil strongholds over the city of orlando. they declared at that time (back in may) that LOVE would be the key to unlock florida into the purposes of God.

i found it interesting that they are coming in february (the month of love) and so close to valentine’s day. they are also coming to kissimmee (kiss me…lol).

i encourage anyone going to read up on 1 john and song of solomon. also prepare your heart before coming. the call is not mainly about praying against abortion. the call florida is about coming together as a state and saying “YES” to God. “YES” to what He wants to do, “YES” to Him filling our hearts with love and “YES” to Him casting out the darkness over florida by his love/light.

all God’s looking for is a “YES…cause to Him…that’s how we show Him we love Him.

(p.s. i will be taking pictures and posting them up after the call florida)

what has God been showing and revealing to you as you get ready for the call florida? what scriptures have been on your mind and heart? whatis your prayer for the state of florida?

9 comments on “Saying “Yes” At The Call Florida

  1. Coming Soon: The Call Florida « Matthew Manchester says:

    […] Soon: The Call Florida 14Jan08 UPDATE: GO HERE FOR MORE […]

  2. darla says:

    Thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment. I hear you forgive and love..I am thinking after reading your post-that we all should be saying YES Lord in everything. Have a great day in the Lord!

  3. Darla says:

    Thanks for your honesty! you might want to dump Indian Matrimonials..and pick up the spam catcher in your widgets. 🙂 well one helpful thing deserves another 🙂

  4. Matthew says:


  5. marley says:

    Hello!It was a very long day, lots going on and I would really love to “go back in time” and revisit. Do you know if there will be any playback or dvd?

  6. Matthew says: is supposed to show it several more times, but i have no idea (yet) when. there will not be a dvd made of it.thanks for commenting! what did God talk to you about at thecall?

  7. marley says:

    Thanks Matthew!God confirmed several things at the call. A few weeks prior I asked Him to reveal to me what I should be praying for. When the Miami people on stage (I’m from Miami) I knew the heavy burden I had felt for my city was for the purpose of prayer. I have never felt a burden so heavy.Does anyone know the what church the speakers from Miami are from?

  8. marley says:

    Does anyone know the name of the rapper?

  9. Matthew says:

    hi marley,i don’t know any of the miami speakers…though i felt that whole segment of the call was one of the main reasons God wanted me to go.i also don’t know the exact name of the “rapper”. he is a singer on cory asbury and matt gilman’s worship team at IHOP kansas city. that is the first time i ever heard him rap. i thought it was awesome! :-)thanks for commenting!

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