(LINK) True Joy

i read this post last week and i still find my soul longing for this. check it out:


…imagine then, Father Leo, that we arrive at the monastery and the men refuse to let us in. In fact, they mistake us for thieves that have been troubling them and, after a long and fruitless attempt on our part to convince them otherwise, they angrily send us away. Thus, in the cold and rain we go to the entire village trying to find shelter for the night; yet none show us any kindness or give us a place to stay. So, desperate, we return to the monastery and try again. This time, the men there, in their frustration to drive us away for good, come out and beat us.

“Then there, lying on the ground, cold and wet, we find that there is no anger in our hearts towards those who have wronged us.

“That, Father Leo, would be true joy.”

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