“Pretty Women” On Valentine’s Day

today is valentine’s day (or as my friends and i call it…”sucky singles day”…lol). normally i hate this day. why? cause i’ve been forever single and this “holiday” is the world’s way of reminding me of that. normally it would be just another day in my life (although i love the day after…cheap candy!!!). but this year is different. not because i have somebody (i’m not even close to having a relationship) but because of a song, thought and memories i’ve had over the last few days.

i’ve been listening to the song “pretty women” from the sweeny todd soundtrack (yes! i loved the movie!). here is the part that gripped me:

pretty women, at their mirrors, in their gardens,
letter-writing, flower-picking, weather-watching…
how they make a man sing!
proof of heaven as you’re living, pretty women

listen to the full song here

that (emphasized) line started me thinking. i am so blessed to have so many pretty women around me. you see, i’m a songwriter. not a great one, but i write things that people have and do use including worship songs and love songs for weddings/anniversaries/etc. several people have asked me where i get inspiration for many of the songs i have written and the truth is most of them have been inspired by “pretty women”…even the worship songs.

when i use the word “pretty”, i’m NOT just talking about a stunning physical appearance. i’m talking about a matter of the heart. its beautiful things that make women “pretty” or truly beautiful in God’s sight and mine. things like devotion, humility, love, joy, truth and many other character qualities and foundations. many times i have admired a trait in someone and have written a song about it. i remembered that every love song i have written i have had my “own person” i was writing it to (instead of “just writing it” for the person who asked me to, or to make “another good song”). it means more and “feels” more when it comes from truth deep in your heart. i wrote a song called “always” six years ago and thought i had forgotten it. in the last week the song has come back to me (out of the blue) and i realize i still have the same passions when i sing that song then when i wrote it.

it is the beauty of a woman (among other things) that has kept me singing. of course God (and HIS beauty) is the biggest reason i sing, write and worship…but i’m glad that He designed women for beauty so i could see beauty with my naked eye. so i agree with my friend when she says:

So whether you are single or married, remember Valentines isn’t about the card or the chocolate or the flowers. It’s really just another day. Have fun, spend the day with people you genuinely like. Love is all those perfect memories with the people who have made your life better. Cherish the people you love, whether they are “just friends” or something more.

i am looking forward to spending time today with my friends (men and women) who’s lives have inspired me to sing all these years. i am so grateful to God for giving me an eye (and a fake holiday…lol) to admire beauty…even if i don’t have anyone yet. who knows? maybe i’ll write another song. lol

UPDATE: seems like others think godliness is attractive.

what are you planning on doing for valentine’s day? does this day hold more meaning to you than what our culture says it is? can you find no redeemable purpose in this day? (to guys…) what makes women “pretty”? (to girls) do you have a similar reaction to how you see men?


2 comments on ““Pretty Women” On Valentine’s Day

  1. SkunnyAKASelena says:

    Men are pretty if they are funny and compassionate. I want to see Sweeny Todd!! – luck-ey!

  2. cbgrace says:

    Matthew, Thanks for the ping back.

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