Remembering People

I’ve been reflecting recently on a lesson that God has been teaching me. He has been going after this spirit and attitude in me that tramples others in order to complete a task or reach a goal. I desire to see our church be more design-savy, to see people rise up to who they were created to be, to make ministries the best they can be and even to see my workplace operate like a business should.

While those are all good desires, my methods in order to achieve those goals and desires have been sinful at best. God recently said to me:

You desire perfection and completion, but you don’t desire people. You trample and hurt whoever you need to in order to achieve your desire or goal. If you reach your goal but disillusion people (who now will never try or help again) in the process, what have you gained? Nothing. For if you have not love…anything you do is counted as nothing.

I’m trying now to remember people instead of focusing on goals and desires. I now realize that part of the “goal” is to see others reach it with you. I seem to be a slow learner in this issue, but it’s starting to click.  All I can think of right now is that I’m so glad God remembers people.


5 comments on “Remembering People

  1. Stephanie says:

    I wish a lot of people thought about things in this context.I’m learning to separate the title — and the decisions made in the name of it — from the man/woman. I find that I can love people just the same no matter how I feel about the decisions … even when I myself have been trampled and sacrificed for the completion/perfection of goals.I’m glad, too, that God remembers people. He remembers me … so I can remember others no matter my own situation.

  2. Matthew says:

    yeah, i so agree. i’m reminded of all the times that Jesus separated the person from the issue. it just takes a lot of discernment and love.

  3. Ashley says:

    YES!I think we as the [global] church have lost this message!You can see it so evident when you just ask a group of kids in the nursery or just poll random people: Why did Jesus die on the cross/Why did Jesus come?SO many times, the answer is as taught – “so that we could have our sins forgiven”And while he did do that, it was NOT his goal!His goal was YOU! a person. your heart.My goodness how shrouded that message has become. But I rejoice in the fact that I, along with some of my dearest friends, are being awakened to the truth.

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