Supporting Missionaries

God has been dealing with me about supporting people and ministries these last few weeks. Tonight we had a missionary from Ezra International in to speak. I love any person who talks about, supports and serves Israel. After he spoke our pastor came up to take an offering. That’s when God started speaking to me again.

He has been challenging me to “put my money (also life and heart) where my mouth has been”. I say I support Israel and missionaries in word, but how much do I give and really pray for them? The answer: very little.

I’m thankful that God is changing that in my life. He has started burdening me for those in the mission field. I know they covet my prayers and desire my financial support. In the past I made a lot of excuses, but now He’s helping me say “yes”, especially in a small ways. No one starts out giving a large portion of their income to missions (which is my desire). No one starts out devoting hours of their day to prayer on behalf of those serving in the mission field. God works in us over the months and years; conquering greed, selfishness and stinginess in our lives until He brings us to that place of humility, love and giving.

I know that if I say yes to support missionaries in small ways, that one day God will help me reach my desire.


One comment on “Supporting Missionaries

  1. Mark says:

    I almost said something to you when the offering plate came around last night to the same effect. It’s important to support something in word AND deed.

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