Come To The Keep: Trust (Part 2)

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we started off tonight with some awesome worship. God really broke through as we sung “trust” and afterwards God spoke through prophecy to everyone who attended. we were singing this line:

depending on You is all i can do
Lord i place my trust in You

God started speaking that HE is depending on us. He is depending on us that we really mean what we were singing. He has great plans and He is depending on us to trust Him…no matter where the journey takes us.

next, we watched a video of lou engle talking about the new movie that just come out called “horton hears a who” (we get to watch it for free tomorrow morning at the conference!!!). here is the clip:

next, the speaker came up. her name is marsha woolley. she preached a message called “meltdown”. click here to listen.afterwards, God touched many women who had been barren or who had mental diseases. He gave hope to many who were losing faith in the faithfulness of God. it was a beautiful night.

what did you think of the “horton” clip? what did you think of the message from marsha?


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