Come To The Keep: Trust (Part 4)

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we started the afternoon/final session with a amazing worship session. i realized that something happens when God comes to you and asks you a question. many times God declares His will and desires to us…but sometimes He comes to us and asks us a question. it is a very scary and sober thing. God asked job questions about His sovereignty, Jesus asked His disciples who He was…and He still comes and asks us things that cut right to our hearts and exposes what is inside. He came to me in the middle of worship and asked me:

what do you want?

the question scared me. it wasn’t a prosperity question, it was a satisfaction question. He was saying:

since you are not fully satisfied in Me…what else do you want? what else do you need to be satisfied? do you think anything will help?

it was another breaking time for me this weekend. i cried out for help. i wanted the Lord to help me be more satisfied in Him. i desire to be 100% faithful to Him…and only He can bring me to that place.

after worship, my good childhood friend michelle tepper spoke. she rocked! she spoke on unconditional love and trust…when it comes to God and our physical relationships. here are some of the things she said that really shook me:

the world says that you can’t love someone until they earn your trust…
but the Bible sets a standard of unconditional love…love based on His character.

the two biggest things that keep us out of the keep is fear and pride.

i find myself doubting the only One who truly loves me, who truly DOES have my best interest at heart. what a sad irony.

we can’t make trust happen. we have to grow into it. but we can look to Jesus. that is how trust is developed.

you can listen to the whole message here. i highly recommend it.

what questions have God asked you that have cut to your heart? what was your reply? do you have a hard time giving to others the same love and trust that God gives you? what in the message spoke to you?

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