Thoughts On Grace: Introduction

i decided the other day to post some of my thoughts about grace here on my blog. i started writing and i soon realized that the post was going to be very long. i know many people who have expressed hardships in reading long posts so out of concern for them, i decided to break it into parts and write a series on grace (it’s been a long time since i’ve done a series).

when researching grace, i looked to see what people have grown up hearing it is. i agree with john piper who says “most people have very little idea of what grace is or what it is for”. yet it is one of the most important things we receive, need and believe in as christians.

i hope that in posting some thoughts and biblical definitions of grace, we all can come to a better understand of this great gift that God gives us.

what do you think “grace” is? what are your core beliefs about it? how important is grace?

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