The Four Levels Of Tiredness

it’s been a really long weekend (and it’s not over yet). due to a lack of sleep, i have had some crazy, funny, frustrating and awkward experiences this weekend. i realized that there are four levels of tiredness/exhaustion (at least that i know of). here they are:

  1. frustration
    this is the beginning of being tired. when you are tired the first thing to go is your patience. it seems that every little thing and every person seems to do something to tick you off. the best thing you can do in this state is either take a nap or eat chocolate (cause that will help take away that headache that accompanies all the frustration…lol).
  2. funny
    if you continue staying awake after the frustration comes, everything will eventually become funny. it’s like being drunk (not that i would know…people just look at me like i am…lol). this is when nothing you say makes sense…but yet is hysterically funny. the majority of our humor stories come from these times in our lives. nothing takes the frustration away quicker than the overwhelming urge to laugh at things for no reason. this level is so worth being tired for (as long as you can sleep afterwards…lol)
  3. over-emotional
    i have to admit that this is my least favorite out of the four. this is where you are so tired that your emotions are on your sleeve. all your walls that keep hidden secrets and the true things you feel towards people and situations are no longer there. personally, i lose all my inhibitions in my communication life. i start telling people how it is (lol). the hardest thing for me is that i get depressed for some reason. i start feeling really lonely and thinking my life is a waste. i look at things in my life and start judging everything out of context…although i do get really quiet (due to a lot of tired thinking), so some people like when i get to this state. 🙂
  4. sick
    this is the highest level of tiredness outside of death. this is where you are so tired that you feel physically sick. the only way you can stay up at this point is to jerking your body around by drinking (or injecting…lol) multiple cups of triple espressos or multiple energy supplements. but the longer you stay up the worse the sickness gets. you start off feeling sick, then you get a fever, then you want to vomit and it keeps getting worse after that. this is also the state that your body is craving sleep. if you shut your eyes for 20 seconds…you’re gone. that may be the best part of this state…you never have to fight to get asleep. lol

well, i’m going to go to bed now. i am in between the third and fourth level of tiredness myself and i have a long day tomorrow.

what other “levels” are there that i didn’t mention? do you agree with the four levels? are they in order? what stories do you have about the four levels in your life?


One comment on “The Four Levels Of Tiredness

  1. scott says:

    wow..this is def the post i needed to read today. Im def. past the laughing part right now. hahaHave you ever been so tired that you cant sleep? Thats what happens to me between the 24-36 hour mark of staying up. lolhope i can sleep tonight

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