On The Path From Pruning To Promise

i was talking to God the other night about His promises. i was quite depressed because it seemed that all the promises that were starting to grow and be fulfilled in my life were now being chopped down. it felt like all the “ground i’ve gained” had been taken away…and not due to punishment. i became frustrated and decided to take a nice long walk with God to vent a little (lol).

during my walking and venting, He asked me if i wanted to quit. He told me that He was in control of it all and He was doing this to help me grow in faithfulness. i realized that i was at my limit of faithfulness and patience waiting for all of God’s promises to come to pass. i was a breath away from quitting all the waiting i had done and was about to take matters in my own hands.

later, after my walk, a friend sent me a forward from a morning devotional email she got. in the article, there was this statement:

After Samuel anointed David to be king, he had to stand back and wait for 7 long years while Saul jeopardized Israel’s future and forced him into hiding.

it was then i realized that i had seen the “promises of God” as a beginning. i had seen the things that i were waiting for as the start of my “real life”. but when i looked at the callings, promises and prophecies given to david, joseph and even paul, i saw that the promises of God were more symbols of ending/completion than of beginning and starting something.

God promised joseph great things, but it took joseph 30 years before he could take hold of it. during that time was much hardship, pain and misunderstanding. the fulfilling of the promise was the culmination of what God had been training him for. God had taken joseph from an immature arrogant boy to a wise patient leader full of integrity and love. becoming the leader of the eygptian nation and having his own family under him was a sign of “completing and passing the class”.

the same was true with david. he was promised kingship and authority, but for the next 7 years he ran and fought for his life. during that time, david had the opportunity to “shortcut the process” by taking matters in his own hands. some of his soldiers found the chance (actually twice) to kill king saul (the one who was trying to kill david) and end all the pain and running, but david knew that God’s promises would be fulfilled ONLY when God desired them to be. until then, david knew the God was trying to teach him things that would finally let him take hold of his kingly promises and prophecies.

many times the Lord puts us in trials that seem to cause us “loss”. these situations find us wondering what happened to the promise. it seems sometimes that even the ground we had has been taken from us…like we’re moving backwards from where we were. but these times in our lives are pruning times. it may seem that you’re walking away from the promises God has given you, but in reality, you’re walking towards them. pruning is the only path that leads to promise. the promise is at the end of THAT road of pruning and once you receive the promise, you start a new road of pruning towards God’s next promise, until one day we take hold of our “heavenly promise”…a city whose builder and maker is God.

so i encourage you, take heart. God is not slack concerning His promises and He is not a man that He would lie. what He has declared and promised, He will surely do and give.


2 comments on “On The Path From Pruning To Promise

  1. Patt` says:

    I see a great sermon lesson here. I feel there is more to come on this. Nice writing Matt.

  2. Matthew says:

    thanks for commenting patt!yeah, there will always be more to come on this until i receive the promise. but that’s a subject for a NEW blog post. lol

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