Preaching From The Well

during these last few weeks, i have striven and determined to live a life with a  steady morning devotional life filled with studying God’s Word and prayer. ever since i have started, my life has gone fantastically better and one of the main things i have realized is the authority and weight of my words recently. i can feel power and effectiveness when i speak or talk about the things of God. it’s like arrows of fire and passion being shot out of my mouth.

for a long time, the only time i would seriously get in the Word of God was when i had to preach at youth or something. those times were alright but seriously fell short of what God wanted. my devotion life was like drinking a glass of water once a month or so. now, since the change, it’s like i’m speaking, living, preaching, praying and even worshipping from a well. there’s a depth of revelation and authority that i feel myself reaching into whenever i pray or think and speak of God.

it’s good to know that when life gets hard and dry, that i have a source of refreshing and revelation that will sustain me and now that i’m finally tasting this true “living water” in abundance…i don’t ever want to go back to a life with a “glass”-like devotional life.


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