25 Random Things About Me

i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted something so i decided to post this here. i wrote it for my facebook page. hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about me. 🙂

  1. my initials used to spell M.A.T. (Matthew Allen Tucker), which is cool…but now they spell M.A.M. (Matthew Allen Manchester)…which is not. although i don’t get called matthew tAlker anymore. 🙂
  2. the three main things i care about in a friend are servanthood, lover of truth and fun to hang out with….in that order.
  3. i love skittles so much that if you give me a bag of them, i may think you’re making a pass at me.
  4. i love movies that are closer to three hours than two.
  5. after three hours at busch gardens, i have ridden everything possible countless times, i’m exhausted and i want to go home. no, i couldn’t care less about the animals.
  6. i don’t love graphic design. i don’t love marketing. i don’t love playing piano. i love expressing my heart and solving problems.
  7. my mom is my hero because of all she has been through and still suffers..
  8. i make phone books.
  9. if you ask me for a solution to a problem, i won’t answer you until i have a seemingly full-proof and my first answer will be the best you will get from me. that’s why i try to surround myself with people who can take that answer to the next level when it falls short.
  10. my favorite version of the Bible is the ESV.
  11. whenever i see a new spiritual truth, i tend to think it’s the most important thing in Christianity. after a few months…i find the right balance.
  12. i think “end times” is one of the most important things in Christianity. and in reference to #11…i’ve felt that way for over two years now)
  13. i don’t play video games because i get frustrated easily and i really suck at them.
  14. i like to talk to myself a lot. if fact, it’s a must everyday.
  15. in reference to #14, if i am somewhere and you can’t find me there…check an empty room or closet. i most likely am spending some time alone to collect my thoughts.
  16. my life is all about long-suffering, perseverance and patience.
  17. my dream is that my life would be funded by the songs i write and i could then work full-time at the church for free.
  18. i adore peppermint, caramel and chocolate.
  19. i can’t sleep at night without moving air or white noise…hence i sleep at night with a fan. no matter how cold it is.
  20. i listen more to silence in my car than music.
  21. i feel called to help and teach young adults and children. mostly due to reason #12.
  22. many times i forsake being honest with someone to keep them from being offended.
  23. i don’t like chain-letters or random apps or causes on facebook. if i do, get or join one…there is a purpose. or it’s a serious #22 issue. lol
  24. i love the show “24”. in fact, sometimes i think it’s quite prophetic.
  25. i would do anything, no matter how hard or how jacked up it makes my schedule, for anyone i trust and care about.