The Return To Blogging

Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve written for a blog. My life has been crazy for the last year and although it still is, I feel compelled to write and start blogging regularly.

There have been a few significant changes to my life. Back in April, I started courting a beautiful young lady named Ranae (see picture below) and a few months later I proposed to her. This has dramatically changed my life, not just emotionally, physically and socially, but spiritually as well. God has been using the relationship and all it entails to teach me kingdom principals. I am sure some (if not many) of these principals will overflow into some of the posts I will be writing.

Secondly, last December I bought myself an iPhone for Christmas. It has helped my life become more mobile, and in truth will allow me to continue blogging. One reason I stopped blogging was because I couldn’t afford the time to lock myself away privately with a computer. Neither could I afford to open myself to the temptations that come with doing that. Thanks to my iPhone though (which is locked down to avoid temptations) I can blog using wordpress’s iPhone app (also a reason my blog is back on

I’m excited to continue this journey into questioning and the pursuit of truth to understand Jesus better and I hope you will journey along and share your insights too.