Thoughts On The Eve Of FOT10

I was thinking this week about the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles we are about to celebrate as a church. While listening to Renee explain from her heart what this time means biblically, I started thinking and meditating about where our church finds itself this year at FOT10 (Feast of Tabernacles: Year Ten).

I started thinking about the nation of Israel when they were journeying through the desert waiting to enter the Promised Land that God had spoken to them about many years ago. I could see them walking around, preparing and waiting, year in and year out for what they would walk into and occupy sometime in the future. Then one day after years of waiting, someone would see the edges of the Promised Land in the distance. I can imagine the joy that flooded the hearts of the people of Israel at the news of what they were soon to enter within the next several months.

It was around this time that Israel would stop and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. Normally the feast every year was to remind them that it was God who delivered them out of bondage and would lead them to a promised land, but that year it meant something a little more. It was more than a reminder of Who delivered them from Egypt. It was a time to realize that the same God who delivered them was faithful to fulfill His promises to them. With the same hand that He led them out of Egypt, He would lead them into all that He had promised them. It was to remind the people of God’s previous miracles to strengthen the faith of the people for the upcoming battles and challenges that were now soon to come.

Likewise, as a church we have spent years waiting and preparing for the fulfillment of the promises of God and now we stand on the edge of our promised land. We see the plans, the people, the building and many other things that will be established in the next several months and the joy in our hearts is growing everyday as we near the fulfillment of His promises for us.

It is at THIS TIME that God calls us to the Feast of Tabernacles, to meditate and remember that the One who brought us this far will be the One who faithfully brings us to the end, all for His namesake and glory.

I am excited to see what God will do this upcoming year!