My Top 10 Thankfulness List (2010)

It’s so hard to sum up into 10 points all that I’m thankful for this year, but here we go:

10. Five Guys in Daytona Beach. You have made me fat and happy.
9. My iPhone 4. You have made my life way more productive. And less so. 🙂
8. Inception. A clean movie that stirred me to use my brain in my artistic hobbies.
7. My job. You all are a great team and this by far is the best job I’ve ever had!
6. My pastors and church. In days where truth and love are rare in the land, I’m so glad to be in a safe place that’s full of each.
5. Our new house. Never could of imagined it.
4. My close circle of friends. We’ve been through a lot and you still help strengthen and refine me. I pray I do the same.
3. My family and new family in-laws. So many people, so much joy and love.
2. My wife. Our first thanksgiving together and my heart overflows thinking about you. I don’t deserve you.
1. Jesus. I really don’t deserve Your love and patience.

There are so many more things I’m thankful for, both silly and funny, but there isn’t enough time or space to write them all.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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