Top 10 Reasons Why I Love DeLand


I have lived in DeLand, Florida for over 13 years. Here are a few reasons why I love my city so much.

10. Stetson University.It may be full of error but it’s a beautiful campus in the heart of the city.


9. Centrally located. 15-30 minutes each way is every huge thing that a person could need, from malls to beaches to theme parks to fancy restaurants, DeLand is in the perfect place to easily travel to these places without having to live there.


8. The generational mix.Due to DeLand being a college town, a top place to retire in the U.S. and a great place for people to live and travel to their jobs in Orlando, there is a great diversity in ages here. It truly doesn’t feel that one age bracket is dominating over another.


7. Religious favor.DeLand is unique when it comes to churches. They rather work and partner together to see needs met in the community. Where other cities deal with separation of church and state, DeLand just gets things done regardless of what kind of institution it is, religious, government, etc. The city also praises the work and efforts of local churches cause they see how it’s making the city a better place to live.


6. All my family and in-laws live here.It’s personal and small, but it’s very important to me.


5. Historic Downtown.Our city had spent some serious money preserving the look and feel of the historic days. It’s so beautiful. Also it’s quite fun to have all the shops and businesses. In this Walmart age, having stores that actually specialize in one or two things is refreshing.


4. Logical roads.This is a big one for me personally. It’s so easy to travel around DeLand. I have never heard anyone getting list in our city. It’s not a super small town, it’s just well laid out. The city is basically a tic-tac-toe grid…find one of the major streets and you can go anywhere.


3. Trees.We have a lot of trees and shade here. It creates beautiful scenery that inspires the soul and mind, not to mention it also provides shade during the hot summer months.


2. Parades and festivals. Whether it’s an art or music festival, or a Christmas parade, there is always something that the city does to unite its residents with fun. (Note: I’m writing all of this during our annual Christmas Parade. See attached picture)


1. It’s a small town. No matter the influx of people, DeLand has fought to retain that small town feel. Everywhere I go it seems I run into people I know. I love that. It’s a very small taste of heaven.

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