My 15 Favorite Christmas Movies

It’s Christmas time and I decided to post my favorite Christmas movies.

15. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Not a giant fan of the classics, but there are a few I enjoy. This is one of them.

14. It’s A Wonderful Life
My pastor would call me out if I didn’t put this one on my list. It’s good. I enjoy it, but I won’t watch it over and over again.

13. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Both Versions)
I can’t decide which version I like more. I like Jim Carrey’s performance but I love the music of the classic one. I usually just watch whichever one comes on TV first.

12. White Christmas
It’s my wife’s favorite Christmas movie and I have to admit, it’s good, especially if you like musicals and the classics.

11. Polar Express
I love watching this movie, but I only remember the first 30 minutes of the movie and the last 10 minutes of the ending. Regardless, the reason I love this music is because of the soundtrack. It has the best theme of all the Christmas movies I like.

10. Santa Clause
Loved the first one. It was filmed back when Tim Allen was funny.

9. Ernest Saves Christmas
It’s Ernest. That’s enough. But there are also reindeer THAT STAND ON THE CEILING UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! Epic.

8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
I’m a huge fan of movies that are highly quotable. Quotes like “Honey, have you seen the cat?” made this one of my favorite movies period.

7. Miracle On 34th Street (90’s Version)
Probably the last classic Christmas movie ever made. Richard Attenborough was the perfect Santa Claus too. He’s exactly what I’ve always thought Santa Claus should look and be like.

6. Jingle All The Way
As I said, I love quotable movies. Therefore I love anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Also was the first time someone explained to me “supply and demand.”

5. Home Alone 2
It was hard to pick which Home Alone movie I liked more. They’re both good and they both recall great Christmas emotions.

4. Home Alone
Favorite part of all time = “Angels with Filthy Souls” and the pizza man.

3. Muppet Christmas Carol
It’s Christmas AND it has muppets! Seriously, I think this was the best adaption of the novel I’ve seen. I know Jim Carrey has a new version out but I really don’t like motion capture CGI. This movie proved it could be funny, serious, scary and pointed…WITH PUPPETS!!!!

2. Elf
It doesn’t get much funnier than this movie. All the characters are great. The story and dialouge is great, and it’s also family-friendly. How many Will Ferrell movies do you know that are family-friendly? Exactly.

1. A Christmas Story
The all-time best Christmas movie. Quotable and funny but memorable and brings back parts of my childhood everytime I watch it. I could watch this movie (and Elf) over and over again and not get tired of it.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?


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