Car Washes & Conferences


My car is dirty. I mean really dirty. I mean stinky, rotting and nasty dirty. I decided today that I want my car clean. Now cleaning my car is usually a 3+ hour job and I was feeling lazy today so I decided to pay $15 at a car wash to get it washed and vacuumed. The problem is that these car cleaning places don’t do as good as a job in 15 minutes that I can do in 3+ hours but today I decided to just deal with it.

My soul/heart is also dirty. I mean really dirty. I mean stinky, rotting nasty dirty. Usually the way the Lord cleans my heart is by long periods of refining me in the fire and long periods under the spotlight of His Word. These things bring lasting change, cleaning and joy.

But sometimes I get lazy.

Sometimes I think I can just go somewhere, like a conference, for a few days and get a quick cleaning. I fool myself into believing that it is good enough. I know it probably isn’t doing anything deep or transforming, but it makes me feel better about myself.

It makes me “feel better about myself”.


Now I love and enjoy conferences. I love taking a few days and focusing on one subject. It’s a great way to teach an train a larger group of people. I love special times of gathering together to get refreshed and to corporately worship God. The problem arises when we replace our day by day, longterm cleanings from God with conferences – living a life of hype, allowing our “cars” (lives) to get dirty, waiting until everyone complains about the dirt in our lives before we go somewhere quick and cheap to take care of it. This is not the victorious Christian life that Jesus died for!

The process of daily washing our hearts/souls before God is long hard work but it is important that we do it. God cares very much about the investment/deposit of His Spirit that He’s put inside us. It’s time that we do too. Let’s stop allowing others to do the cleaning for us.


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