New Music I Love: King of Nations by Newday


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Newday is an annual Christian youth festival in the UK. During the festival, a live album is often recorded. King of Nations is the seventh album from this event. It contains songs from multiple worship leaders: Lou Fellingham, Phatfish, Matt Redman, Jordan Dillon and Jules Burt.

I found this album during my free trail of Rdio. This album has become my favorite new worship cd to listen to since then. As a musician, I love good rocking music and memorable melodies, but as a Christian, songwriter and teacher I long for solid lyrics that teach theology and hold a right view of God that’s full of revelation. That why I love this cd. The songs are good and singable and the melodies are catchy but the lyrics and heart of worship that’s on the album makes you want to sing and listen to them. No track shows this better than the opening track “The Righteousness of God”. This track is like a sermon in a song. It is a great song to do for Easter. The album also has a more-simple version of “You Are Good”, a song originally by Bethel Church. While the song isn’t instrumentally as complex as Bethel plays it on their album “Be Lifted High”, it loses none of it’s dance feeling.

My favorite song on the album is “See The Lamb of God / Lift Up His Name”. It is a great song hailing Jesus as the Risen Lord on the throne, but the reason I like the song so much is the spontaneous song section at the end where they also go into “Lift Up His Name”, a older song that I grew up with. King of Nations also contains an updated version of “To God Be The Glory (Great Things He Has Done)” which is sure to eventually work it’s way into the hymn-revamping worship circles.

Most Americans know most of Matt Redman’s songs that are on this album, however they are still great songs and possibly the first time they’ve been heard on a live album. The beauty of this album is the lesser-known artists who, like Matt Redman, are writing songs that appeal both musically and theologically. Sadly, most American churches don’t know of this cd or these artists, which is why I chose King of Nations to be the first album that I write about on my blog.

I hope you enjoy this cd as much as I have.

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