My Father’s Day Testimony

Yesterday (Father’s Day) at church, our pastor preached his message through multiple testimonies from the men at our church. There were too many to go through them all hence we didn’t get to mine, so I thought I would post it here:

Father’s Day was a terrible day for roughly 10 years of my life. I spent the many years of my life without a father. I spent many more years without any friends, not even one. I don’t exagerate, I didn’t even have a mutually-rejected person as a friend at school, church or home. I was bound up in sin and strongholds. I wasn’t just bound, I was trapped. I was losing all hope of ever escaping.

But I remember the day and the place where I told God:

“Help me out of this. Whatever it takes, get me out of all of this.”

I’m not going to lie to you. My life didn’t get better. In fact it got a lot harder, but today I stand completely changed. He gave me a father that not only took care of my family, but adopted my brothers and me. I have many friends. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and we have a child on the way. I am not bound by fear and I am not bound by shame or my troubled past.

God knows how to deliver people who will let Him use whatever means possible. Total surrender is the path to freedom.

Culture says that I am a product of my experiences. God says I am a new creation.

I praise God for hearing my prayers not just that day but everyday before and after that and on this Father’s Day I also praise God for my father, father-in-law and Himself, my heavenly Father.


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