New Music I Love: The Wheat & The Tares by Pas Neos


Buy it here:

I have a special place in my heart for electronic and ambient music. I love listening to The Album Leaf, M83, Saxon Shore and other artists like them. So when I heard that there was a electronic worship duo from IHOP-KC that were coming out with a full length cd, I set myself to buy it the day it came out. I was not disappointed.

The greatest thing I can say about this cd is that the sound of Pas Neos is truly unique. They sound like no one I’ve ever heard. This is a welcome thing since worship albums are anything but unique sounding nowadays. All the tracks on the album are a feast for the ears. I was blown away by how intricate each song is. For this album they decided to blend electronic instruments while some real guitars, strings and drums. This gives the album a mixture of sounds at times. It feels etherial at times, it feels like garage rock at other times. Sometimes it’s soft and melodic, other times it’s loud and complex. After listening to the cd I posted this on Twitter:


That’s how I view the cd. It feels like a musical version of the movie Inception. It’s more than an album, it’s an experience.

The other thing that’s great about this cd are the lyrics. As complex and intricate as the music gets, the vocals and lyrics are never lacking or wanting. In fact it’s amazing to me how deep the lyrics are. The lyrics pass the David Crowder Band standard in regards to poetry and lyricism, but the lyrics aren’t just pretty or creative. They’re solid theology and in-depth Bible teaching. I feel like I’m eating a meal, both musically and theologically everytime I listen to the cd.

My favorite tracks are “The Day That Our Lord Came Down”, “Take It All Back” and “On Their Faces (Glory Song)”. You can also download the song “City of the Great King” here for free:

I am looking forward to many more cds and songs from them in the years to come.


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