We Are Having A Girl! (& Why)

We found out today we are having a girl. She’s perfectly healthy and we are so excited. I was really wanting a girl for our first child and even though both sides of our families have many, many boys, Jesus gave us a girl.

We believe that every baby’s birth and life signifies something that God is saying. This is all through the Bible where God would tell the parents “Name him/her [name here] because I will…”

Her name will be Lily Elise Manchester.

Why? We have had a very challenging year which we have had to have faith in God to provide and heal, pushing past the seeming reality that was pressing down on us. God was faithful through it all. Those times were just a taste of all we will experience over the years to come. That’s why He spoke to us earlier in the year before the pregnancy: “Remember the lilies (Lily)…” (Matthew 6:25-33)

He spoke words of love to us, reminding us about His covenant (Elise) to always provide and be there. Why should we worry or be afraid? Why should be be anxious and stressed about making a answer happen when He has everything in His hands? It’s been a good but long and hard lesson. We still have much farther to go regarding our trusting in God and that’s why He is giving us Lily Elise so that when we look at her we are reminded about His covenant of love with us and that He will be all-sufficient for us. In reality, while child raising may be stressful, this baby signifies the peace of mind Jesus wants to give us.

So we can’t wait to meet out little Lily and all the great craziness she will bring.